17 june 2010

I have overslept so I didn't go to church and that was the first failure of the day. I knew already for quite some time that I needed to help Makao with act photos for his school. But I woke up sad, had a breakfast and then I agreed on the shoots. But men... seeing naked women makes them treat her like an object straight away, or is that only photographers that they need to use what they use as a model? and here goes my other failure. I am weak. I let him do what he needed hoping it would be different this time, but again it was the same old shit. so I cried and felt bad, so I played piano and rememebred why I put smileys allover it and I left home 'cause I couldn't stand it there. And I took the confetti shoes to get fixed, and saw someone I will never be like. And for the first time in London I went to have some food by myslef with a book only. And it was good and my mind was refreshed. And Kate came over and we had tea on the roof. 'See the soul and divinity in everybody'.

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