19 june 2010

as it was, this time I did manage to go the the church but I wasn't fully on, I jumped on Alina's bike, went to the store to get tires for my rocker then got the the whitechapel street market to get something for lunch. I like living in east london, love the atmosphere of the streets here, I bargained on mangoes, got some coriander for free. Let some bengali dudes ride alina's bike around for a bit and laughed a lot with them. Came back home and for the first time cooked curried lentils. Makao is trying hard to be nice but still forgets to keep promises. I left home to visit kate - it was drizzling, so left the bike and got on the tube. Read book, listen to the music, looked at people, I found a little shop with lots of nuts so I scooped some honey coated macadamias and pecans and munched them on the bus stop. And I got to kate's. as soon as I met purna and thilak I forgot about taking photos. I played piano for them and read them a bed time story and I promised I would be back.

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