21 june 2010

A long day, got up with the alarm, came to work, late for the shift I wasn't scheduled for. Didin't go home but went to give a vote then took a long tube ride to saatchi gallery. Loved the smell of that strange black shiny oil installation and loved the ppl posing with so called modern art. Paintings were really bad, sat down in an Italian restaurant next to the russian lady with a puddle. Havne't seen a puddle in a very long time, and they are truly so beautifully pretentious next to their owners and it is funny to see how some sad woman faces change when they see a 'sweet dog', no feelings for people no heart for life but strange smiles for funny dogs. I ate my quail and my salmon and walked down to work through streets of Belgravia, wandering between those white buildings. I saw one more puddle and two more of those ladies in expensive high heels with plenty of credits for doggie smiles. Tried to look more up in the sky. Didn't think much by then and hyde park grass was full. Came to work. Late 5 min. Told off. Fucked up, felt sick of cold caught last night, had a tear in the eye. Stupid selfpity, got told off, no sense and loneliness, walked to the bus, prayed, missed the bus, prayed, took a cab, road closed.

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