23 june 2010

I still felt sick, slept long, watched a really good and touching documentary about children with no faces, with their cheeks and nose eaten with the bones by their own bacteria, the result of poverty and hunger. I went down to garage, saw a new bling there - the puma slr mclaren, got on alina's bike and went to the polish shop, bought goodies, was called greedy with sticky hands by a random man who must have a difficult wife, came home, cleaned the kitchen, went to rest, sneezed and caughed, kate came over and she started stuffing me with berries, herbal teas and lots of food. I cooked krupnik with smoked ribs and she laughed I have to always be doing everything against everything, like cooking winter soups on the first sunny day in london. we made panacotta and I dyed her hair with henna, she gave me some old black rubber gloves that looked perfect for tortures and killing not for anything else and yeah... they killed my pointing finger of my left hand, they smuggled the shit colored paste on it and made it look as if i was scratching my butt for a bit too long. we laughed and then she went to slep and i got into a deep dreamy stage with my dreamy but real but imaginary but soul but brother and he has captivated me until sun came up

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