24 june 2010

i woke up fresh and happy, all the little thoughts from the past few days made me smile again, made me change my attitude a bit, made me wanting and made me realise what I need to work on within me next - do not put my struggle or my sadness on no one. it is not pretending, it is respect and love, letting it out on those around me is pure egoism, poison for my soul and others feelings, so i smiled and this time i was cycling fast again. i was smiley allover today, i left work and i saw that street waters broke, they gave a birth to my new hope. i walked down the curzon str, like many times before. i saw something happened at the ladbrokes next to mamouna, but i wasn't really interested, awarness without curiosity. i passed this gloomy scientist church again, looked at it and it stood there the same way as always, warm and welcoming on the street level but dark in heaven or shall i say in the dark heaven? it just makes the impression as if it was a church uilt upside down, digging into a deep puddle reaching the dark with it's upside crosses, opposite there is little gallery which shows objects with the bling stuck on it. and i wanted to buy ticket for my holidays, so i went to the aeroflot's and they were expensive and i went to iran air's and they asked me to wait saying they were busy even though there was no customers and also strange plastic soilders and stitched up scary house, and i cleaned my wallet

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