29 june 2010

a short story of the passed weekend, it started with the drinks with work mates, it started on the left, it was fun but it ended on the right, right => no, it wasn't right. it was too much, even though with clear conscience, the hang over suffers were huge, then in the park i saw the middle, it took me three days to get back to normal and it is even better 'cause i found my reasons for smiles without reasons. i didn't do much really - cleaning, cooking, reading, playing, gaming, facebooking, e-mailing, and i went back to work and this time i was early and i looked up to their expectations, how much easier it gets when they cn not touch me, and i still smile and i laugh even though i feel pain in my soul, that is my new lesson in life - to stop showing sorrow, get ppl with smiles, care and honesty bit do not strop, and it is not a lie

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