1 july 2010

seeing the life goes by, decides on the way to look, went to berkley sq lloyds branch to take some money and the ghanian cashier was so cheerful, the usual rr and bentleys and then the iranian air office again empty, was asked again to take a seat, bought tickets very cheap, i was to meet justina at 3 so sat down on a wall against the window and watched the street and people, watched the trends and the life walking by, working by and getting sucked in by this passing. justina didn't come 'cause her bra broke so got on the bike and met her in al araz in edgware rd and had lebanese for lnuch, walked up from being very careful with low trees and passed by a soul thieves store and beatles fans' heaven. got to the regent park, watched the geese, cormorants, swans and ducks being fed and the crickets being played. we ended up in camden where we have rested at fogg's, said goodbye, kissed justina in a cheek and then lost those of my cherries, rode along the channel back home, happiness is taking things as they are

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