11 july 2010

lazy day, slept long, again... the plan was the hampstead heath at 14.00 but there was no way to make it in time, called kate - she was far behind as well, well... ate, charged the phone, walked around the house in circles, set up the time stealing game, got on the bike and rode along the canal, it was hot and as on every sunday camden town was horribly packed with ppl but went on, stopped in a little store to buy fruits and a random guy told me 'sth is leaking from your bag on your back' it's body water i said, smiled and put the backpack on and rode to the park, kate was far behind 'cause of the stupid trains, here nothing never works the way it is said to be working, laid down on the grass next to the public pool and laughed at those ppl who could not hesitate to lurk over a closed gate in the wall. human nature says to always look through the window. when waiting for kate i saw an old man buying ice cream and he smiled to me and said sth that was nice, so i bought some as well, then i perfectly just did nothing.

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