14 july 2010

a day, a miss, woke up late and felt like slacking, doing nothing, staying in bed, wasting minutes of life but got up and went to iranian embassy, in the park someone was rolling a slice of a rolls or a rolled rolled rolling circle and someone else was taking pictures of that and on the tube there was again so many upset faces of nicely looking ppl, got off and walked long way under the ground and was shocked when reacting on those stupid posters - closeness has nothing to do with distance? i miss my mum but walked on, kensington high street and first time in ages felt shopping frenzy, but no! skipped it, passed it, liked one dress, tried it but it looked good on the manekin, not o n me, so felt relief, took it off and went to take the train back home, bought some food, in the park this time there was a homeless man sleeping with his head on the gravestone - what a perfectionist! and i called mum and dad

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