23 july 2010

summarising 4 days off - got my tent, i failed, i tried better to en-better, i got comment on my failed work from my professor and he said - great job on correction when i haven't done nothing at all. spent ages in the library, half of the time loosing myself in the windows, cracked walls, others eyes and the way they walk, the way they underline things in books, looking for any good observation to take me away from marketing issues, what the heck is the huge tinted glass work over the main door about? no masons this time, no scientologists - then what's hmmm... went to knightsbridge, walked behind new masters' fo the world wives, who spread the smell of their precious oil scented with roses and musk around like dogs do their urin, marking the area. i got the offer of a sommelier job, great opportunity, nice people, i will not be wasting their time. walked back clacking wiht my heels against the sidewalk. gazing in the glass eyes of the fashion manequines, did you know that fermented mint smells like weed? i went to church and i went to the post office and i kept busy with organising the hotels in iran, and i thought a lot about how not to think to much just stay, pray and believe, did not read much. at the end had to go to work, still can keep smiling, and this all is simply just not enough

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