27 july 2010

was supposed to be one but was unexpectadly two, on the first got all my documents printed, passed by my favorite magic place - the bell foundry, walked to the church and from there to kensington, waited for kate and she came with her bowl of food, got turned away in iranian embassy, saw tilman's exhibition but proffered the green hidden behind the gallery windows and cafe in red striking the head, refused a job offer officially drinking own tea, it is so hard to be proud of who i am now! wanted to pee so we went to harrodd's and it stunk and the queues were long, but kate liked to touch those expensive things and was happy running around, came back home late. next day kate woke me up early, got a call and that was the second i was given, we went for a trip in searching for good food in kate's healthy style. i have resubmitted the reassessment and we walked, spitalfields, shoreditch, bricklane - my neighborhood, after five hours i was tired and strictly sad i wanted to go home, kate went quiet for the first time, and she never spoke again, she got offended and sad and quiet, she went home and i stayed, thought about my life again and i cried, but i still want to thank my mum!

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