13 august 2010

it is friday, but it was Thursday which was that bad, it was one of the unluckiest days in my entire life, started at 6 am with a woman running into my bike and knocking me off, then horrible breakfast, huge investigation meeting wiht my boss in HR which may end up me loosing the job, rain and tears, i had a coffee with brian, rushed back home, got on the train to luton to pick up my guests and saw a rainbow through the window, a primise that it will be better from now on... let's see! anita was to come by herself but a series of misunderstandings and my auntie's fear of breaking wizz air's rules brought them both to me. at the beginning i was a bit disappointed, i wanted anita to come by herself, 'cause i wanted to teach her a little bit of life courage. auntie hania has always been my best aunt ever, she has always had so much heart to give but just recently she has also shown her weakness which - being extremely overprotective that has such a powerful influence on her children, we started our day with the tower bridge and tower hill then we went to victoria and albert museum where they were exhibiting installations of architects trying to adopt a little bit of space so a man can loose himself for the inner world and breath deeper thoughts for a while. so there was a huge library and a grey sand stone like a house with a sandstone like tree. anita is a sad girl, very shy but really very sad. and that worries me, she feels now a bit embarassed by her mum, who takes photos of everything and everyone but that is so normal for all teenagers. we went to china town for dinner and then i left my girls at the theatre. i got two tickets for a musical based on michael jackson's life. meanwhile i went to sit down in 'cafe boheme' for it's great cocktails. i had two - a grand tea with chillies and esspressotine. i talked to huck and he told me a story of a girl he was taking into the jail the day before. she killed her husband in a moment of crazyness and wraith, how is it possible that people allow themself to be taken by evil to such a state?

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