12 november 2010

i woke up wiht no awareness, as it happened so many times before. i just did what was to be done and moved, on feet, on tube wheels, on conveyor belts, i got tempted and duty freed. i was surprised with how much rubbish we all produce and by how many we are surrouneded. i got on a brand new board with my pass and gave away my window seat to a small french boy. i read book and, oui... i landed in paris. i found my mum and hugged her tight. she looks amazing! we went to the hotel, met antoine who showed us around. we unpacked in a room priced for crazy sum of 1000 eur per night. we got a bottle of champagne to our room, we drunk it. we went for a walk holding our hands firmly. mum had a hot dog at the eiffel tower, we came back, ordered wheat and horse hair pillows from the pillow menu. a trend for going back to the roots in white covers. for a cosmic price, falsely for nature, falsely for beauty, truly out of pure vanity, we kissed good-nights, we ahve fallen asleep.

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