15 november 2010

the whole rainy day spent walking and looking for prayer, breakfast was good, gave us wings, we didn't take the red umbrella this time. sacre-coeur, montmartre, tourists, clerks and barmaids. I found a grave I would love to have one day. we went to the latin quarter looking for a friend of mum and dad, an russian abstract painter. we waited sitting on the stairs, we waited quite a while while he was struggling with the thoughts of dying, with his beloved next to him. we were told he was taken to a special clinic, he is being eaten by cancer. we went to port d'orly but there was nothing around, we stopped for a coffee and walked. bought cheese for everyone, found the prayers in where you are to look for them, even though they might be easily forgotten there. we went back to the hotel, for the last time i felt asleep being in my twenties, i woke up in my thirties and the life was seemingly still the same. another breakfast, another walk and lots of talks, i had to go, airportst, flights, london by night seen from above. i got home and opened my e-mails. makao wrote for the first time since he left in september. not even happy birthday there, just 'I wish you happiness 'cause i don't think you had enough of it recently. 15 november is the first day of the smoke ban in poland. i will come and pick up my stuff after 23rd. but i don't know when exactly. how much do you want for the imac in pln? and what is your account numner?' - that is the way some things sometime end up, eve though hoping tough for it to be a new beginnig, my emotions just faded, colors just desaturated. life - bring it on!

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