Can't skip hoppers!

it is one of the small restaurants in soho which operate on a walk-in only basis. It’s been super popular since day one and all gastronomers and chefs were speaking so well about it! What makes it so special then? First of all it represents Sri-Lankan cuisine, and there is not that many sri-lankan restaurants in London. Secondly it’s not just curry, and if it is curry it’s spelled as Kari - so it already has an unusual twist. Thirdly - it’s fun! The menu is written with words that you would have never heard before, and after reading the description of the dishes you would only go - hey! I have no idea what the …. it all is meant to be! But then at the bottom you get that small glossary of typical sri-lancan culinary terminology and then you feel so much more educated. Then - it has a great selection of cocktails, both boozy and virgin ones. Foremost though the food is just out of this world! Hoppers are actually bubbly pancakes made with fermented rice and coconut milk pancakes shaped as a bowl and they are just perfect for eating curries. Dosas are the other type of pancakes, made with fermented lentils and rice batter - these are shaped in a large cone. The both pancakes are thin and crispy on the edges and nice still a bit doughy in the middle. At hoppers you can choose your pancake type and the kari to go with it. We have ordered some of the starters as well - the cashew, lotus and ash were more like a quirky bowl of unusual crisps. Goat roti - simply delicious! We have also tried all of their relishes, the shredded coconut is amazing, although quite spicy!

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