My grandpa on a trip in Turkey

This salad is my option for breakfast. Well, most people eat savory, eggy breakfasts, then you have those who eat indulging sweet things such as waffles or pancakes. You also have the healthy eaters with fruit and yogurt, occasionally you also meet those who would request or make a light veggie salad in the morning. My option is slightly different. My salad’s main ingredient is lettuce, but I suggest trying it in a sweet way. My grandfather had amazing garden, and he was growing butter lettuce. I have always regarded this type of lettuce as the most delicious - with it’s slightly sweet taste, nice meaty thick outer leaves and really crunchy and juicy hearts. It might be also my sentiment for flavors of childhood, nevertheless it does taste yummy! My grandfather’s way for dressing it was with double cream and a little sugar, sometimes instead of double cream he was using butter milk for the sweet and sour effect. In my recipe I have replaced it with healthier option of a Greek yogurt. And that takes me a bit closer to Middle East. In Middle East the breakfasts are often very simple - just a piece of freshly baked flat bread, a cube of hard white cheese, a bit similar to feta but not as salty, nice portion of honey and strong tea. Sometime they eat fresh fruit as well. This is where I took the cheese, honey and apple idea from. Finally - as nearly always, to add interesting flavors, I open my ladder and think what would work well. They love nuts in Middle East as well - so this time I have put my bet on hazelnuts. Got few whole ones and the hazelnut oil as well. I thought though, the salad would really benefit with a bit more of a crunch, I looked around and the toasted buckwheat granola was the thing! My grandfather has never been to Turkey, and in all honesty I don’t really know how I got these two ideas together but it worked and tasted delicious! It is dead easy to throw together so - give it a go one morning!

1 Butter Lettuce 50 g feta cheese 1 apple 1 tbsp lemon juice 3 tbsp greek yoghurt 1 tbsp honey (I used Manuka, but any will do) 1 tbsp hazelnut oil 1 tbsp toasted buckwheat 1 tbsp chopped toasted hazelnuts Wash and rinse the butter lettuce, I usually just separate the leaves and leave them whole Prepare the dressing - mix in the yoghurt with the hazelnut oil and honey. Take a big bowl and mix the yoghurt with the leaves. Do it gently not to break the leaves. Prepare the apple - cut it julienne and mix it with the lemon juice, so the apple does not oxidise and loose its colour. Cut the feta in cubes, together with apples - mix it with the leaves. Toast the hazelnuts on the dry pan and chop them. Finish the salad off with sprinkling the toasted buckwheat and toasted hazelnuts on the top.

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