you won't go wrong - Andrew Wong

I have decided on a lunch at Andrew’s Wong after a friend of mine, a very talented chef, has highly recommended it. I have decided to go for lunch, as this is the only way to taste the big A Wong dumpling menu. For dinners they do the Peking Duck experience and ten course tasting menu only. I have invited a dear friend of mine, a Food and Beverage manager at big five star hotel and we have sat comfortably on the high stools at the Chef’s pass. We joked we should order one of each 22 dim sums. We didn’t want to risk being thrown knives at - we know chefs and one thing they really hate is tables that order one of each dishes. So we have decided on a decent selection of dim sums as well as few dishes from the ‘snacks’ section. We have ordered a bottle of a good off dry German Riesling and the feast begun.

The first was a fire bomb of beef tripe in chili sauce, hidden under the name of ‘mouth numbing beef offal’. It was delicious! For those used to spicy food it is not too hot, however the heat is the one that hits the throat not the lips or tongue. Very strong flavor of tripe works with the spices extremely well. We have then been served with the Wong’s version of beef tartar - plated in a small bowl with a good dressing and with crispy egg bubble waffle on top, which you break down and eat together with the tiny dices of beef. Great textures and really amazing flavors. That was followed by the foie gras dumpling - don’t count on a very big piece of the liver though, it kind of gets lost in the tasty dough of sesame dumpling. Yunnan mushroom was a soup kind of dumpling, juicy and the truffle not overpowering, which I always appreciate. Another outstanding dish was the 63 degree tea egg with shredded filo - very delicate, slightly sweet with a pleasant crunch of the thin hair of the filo pastry. A great touch for that dish was a waiter bringing in charred piece of cinnamon bark, still smokey like as if it was a chunky piece of burning incense. Scallop put cooked three was was a nice surprise, the almost short bread like pastry (I know it had nothing in common with shortbread, but that would probably the closest thing to what it was in texture) which firstly crumbled and then melted on my palette. What you got next was explosion of flavors. Rabbit and carrot puff looked impressive but again, the glutinous puff overpowers the meat itself. Breakfast in causeway bay was fun, very gooey and chewy with crunchy middle. The garlic won ton smelled strong miles away, tasted delicious, especially with paper thin bean curd mixed with the sauce. Finally we have reached the last two pieces - the shanghai dumpling, another one of the soupy type. Love the juiciness of those! And lastly - the sweet duck yolk custard bun - the best possible way to finish off.

The whole restaurant menu looks great, all options are tempting - the 10 courses tasting, the Peking Duck feast with 8 courses designed in the concept, and the single big plates as well. I hope I will have another opportunity one way or the other to visit Wong’s again. If that happens - you will know about it straight away.

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