MAST brothers - chocoholics heaven

More and more people debate on what's hipster culture. And the outcome of those disputes is not clear, what is clear though is where hipsters are - and that's definitely Brooklyn in New York and Shoreditch in London. The other fact about hipsters is that they love food and authentic products. Experimenting with food and bringing new flavors to high streets is also one of the things that hipsters do. And - it is awesome! They do put hefty price tags on those things, but oh yeah - most of the time it's so worth it!

One of the best representations of this is the chocolate lab firstly run by Mast brothers in Brooklyn, NY. Now Mast also has their flag lab in Shoreditch. The interior does not look like a shop or a cafe, more like a gallery with unusual lab equipment. The chocolate bars in unusual flavors are nearly £40 per pack of six. The packaging is faultless - beautiful minimalistic graphic design and photography, the flavors though is something they have really mastered.

I'm not saying go and spend your fortune on chocolate you would eat in 5 minutes, but do go there and try some of the little goodness they shock with, such as cold brew cocoa husk, or hot brew of cocoa nibs. Their brownies are one of best ever made, but very very rich. And more - just make your way there, you would be getting few tasters for free too!

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