I was born in eighties in comunistic Warsaw. Poland by then was a country of closed boarders. My mothers is and has always been brave and sound women and she always challenged the systems around her, she had passports made for me when I was very little. She didn't send me to kindergarden but took me with wherever she travelled. When neighbours' kids were playing with crayons in nurseries, I was playing with rag dolls made for me by costume designers. My mum was a first assistant director and I was literally brought up on film sets surrounded by people of different nationalities and cultures.

My first long distance trip without parent's guidance was when I was ten. I travelled with a film crew to Kazakhstan where we spent nearly two months. I remember Medeo - the highest ice skating ring in the world. I remember standing on the peak of a mountain looking in a direction pointed out to me. It was China and already then it was my biggest dream to go there one day. I remember nomads who were visiting us on their horses. They built small mud huts for us to escape the midday sun. Small boy who was always with them told us a story about vaporing lake, on which surface the mist formed in shape of ghosts and dragons. There was also a river, hidden at the bottom of a canyon it carved in the dessert sands left behind by burned grass steps. I remember the bazaar in Almaty, lamb shashliks sprayed with delicious light chilli dressing, fresh pommegranates, white peaches and horse milk sold by glass from big wooden buckets.

My father is an abstract painter and he was the one to give me my first camera. It was Praktika brought from Western Germany by mym mum. I loved the evenings when separated from the world behind closed bathroom door we were setting up chemical baths in the tub. He taught me how to use the magnifier, and how to make the images magically appear on sheets of paper.

Ihave been writing since I have learned how to, and this apparently was very early on. I have always been scribbling down different ideas and observations in countless diaries and notebooks. At school I was equally praised and criticised for my unique style and vivid fantasy but I never cared about it. I did what I liked and so I continued during my study years. I have graduated from Communications specialising in writing, television and photography. For quite some time I was also working as a journalist in Poland publishing in various daily newspapers and periodical magazines. 

In 2001 I went to Sydney for my gap year. I studied PR and worked at Nick's Seafood in Darling Harbour. Stories told by old Greek called Sam, who was opening oysters at the restaurant's window have enchanted me. The ridiculously early mornings on the famous fish market inspired me. I will never forget the fish buyer who was teaching us how to tell the difference between squid and calamari, King George whiting and whiting, or how to tell wether the tuna is of a sashimi quality or not. I finally learned that vanilla flavour in wine does not come from a vanilla pod thrown in a barrel. I came back home and changed my life forever by undertaking my first hotel job. Now, after 15 years I am working in one of London's finest hotel as a manager in Food and Beverage sharing my knowledge and passion with our guests and the team.

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