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We need regeneration, with the world more confusing than ever. Economy of soaring inflation, energy deficit, politics that divide societies, climate change that endangers all life on the planet, our mental health, our relations to others… the world craves changes, but the changes need to be made by those who would truly be devoted to creating better world for everyone, not only for selected groups of privileged people. Our best chance for it is regeneration of the whole generation. Young people and children, however, are facing own issues, with the plague of self-image disorders brought by social media, with educational systems, with growing depression rates and suicidal thoughts. If they are to regenerate our planet and our communities, we need to help them to grow with a clear mind, and a strong bond with the power of life. We know the healing power of nature, but somehow, we have also managed to capitalise it by creating sellable experiences. We seem to have forgotten, that we can just simply embrace nature, behome* it. This project is about bringing our children up so they feel at home in wide open spaces. Without bought toys, curated programs, scheduled agendas and drafted out plans. It is about allowing the children to learn through their own developing senses. In the way where a wide-open space feels comfortable, soothing, ever present, and needed. Only if the children make the nature a coherent part of their everyday life, they will find a need to defend it and the power to create a better world for all living creatures. There is something very humbling in watching a child cutting a vast open space with the power of their existence.